Sea.  Our Life.

Aquavita International S.A.  is a freight contractor operating a fleet of 40 modern bulk carriers.

Over the years, we have built and maintained an extensive portfolio of international clients who are producers as well as end users of dry bulk commodities. Cargo volume carried annually exceeds 15 Mio tons and is expected to rise in the years to come.

Our team of 43 shipping experts has a global reach through offices in Athens (headquarters), Odessa and New Delhi. Efficiency, safety and reliability of ocean transportation are the prime features of Aquavita's brand.

Efficiency, safety and reliability - our prime features

There are many new ship-operating companies that may be able to offer a very low freight rate from time to time but how they perform is the question. Industrial clients need you to perform on time. If the market goes against an operator, it may be difficult to perform. But we always perform.

Aquavita's Evgeniy Lavrenko said

Whilst the company is poised for growth, the management ensures a steady development avoiding unreasonable and extreme risks. Particular attention is paid to risk management which involves analyzing all our contractual positions on a daily basis, in order to ensure these are kept within safe limits.

We are proud of our professional expertise that generates profitable business opportunities for clients, partners and investors in the shipping industry!